New records for Charleroi airport in 2015: record number of passengers and #1 airport for punctuality



Brussels South Charleroi Airport can announce its results for 2015. During the last twelve months, the airport has welcomed 6,956,302 passengers, representing a rise of 8%, compared with 2014. This means that 2015 ended with a record for BSCA, who surpassed the results it achieved in 2013, a year in which 6,786,979 passengers passed through BSCA.

Brussels South Charleroi Airport has seen steady growth throughout the year in terms of the number of passengers that crossed its tarmac.

Month 2014 2015 Increase
January 416,163 434,760 + 4%
February 405,023 432,403 + 7%
March 423,062 482,316 + 14%
April 583,267 623,901 + 7%
May 579,814 647,720 + 12%
June 557,500 598,368 + 7%
July 651,130 708,098 + 9%
August 684,985 734,693 + 7%
September 593,065 655,322 + 10%
October 606,936 656,057 + 8%
November 481,809 510,314 + 6%
December 457,203 472,350 + 3%
Total 6,439,957 6,956,302 + 8%


December 2015 also ended with a 3% rise in passenger numbers, seeing 472,350 passengers come through Brussels South Charleroi Airport, compared with 457,203 in 2014.

In the same month, the 5 most visited countries were Italy, Spain, Morocco, France and Poland. The most popular destinations are shown in the table below.

1 Budapest (Hungary)
2 Milan (Italy)
3 Warsaw (Poland)
4 Madrid (Spain)
5 Bucharest (Romania)


2015 also ended with a number of countries attracting more passengers. Italy led the way, followed by Spain, France, Morocco and Poland.

Some routes experienced a considerable increase in the number of passengers transported in 2015. Prague, Athens and Bucharest were the top 3 destinations from Brussels South Charleroi Airport in terms of growth, followed by Warsaw and Istanbul.

But 2015 wasn’t just about numbers going up for BSCA. As in 2014, OAG, the well-respected independent international air travel intelligence company, has published its 2015 report on worldwide airport and airline punctuality. Building on its operating experience, Brussels South Charleroi Airport has held on to second position in the international results for airports welcoming fewer than 10 million passengers a year. Charleroi comes after the Japanese airport of Osaka and behind that of Panama City. In 2015, 93.61% of flights were on time, so a slight improvement on the 2014 results, when 93.1% of flights were punctual.

In the same category, Brussels South Charleroi Airport is the number one airport in terms of punctuality for the geographical area covering Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Charleroi beats the Norwegian airports of Stavanger (punctuality: 91.15%) and Bergen (punctuality: 90.91%).

OAG’s Punctuality League, published in January 2016, can be downloaded at

Jean-Jacques Cloquet, Brussels South Charleroi Airport’s CEO, is keen to congratulate the hard work of his teams, and highlight these excellent results for 2015: “Despite the fact that this is a competitive industry, we have managed to beat the figures achieved in 2014 and break a historic record for the airport. 6,956,302 passengers, an encouraging figure that illustrates the potential of Brussels South Charleroi Airport. This 8% increase compared with the previous year demonstrates that with careful planning and hard work, we can carry on growing at Charleroi. We are also pleased to see that for the second year in a row, we have come second in OAG’s punctuality league for international airports in the category for airports with fewer than 10 million passengers a year. Charleroi has also been recognised as the number one airport in Europe in terms of punctuality, beating two Norwegian airports. This result is down to the operational expertise and know-how that we have built up over time, and which each and every one of our employees understands is essential for improving performance. It is important to recognise the hard work done by everybody working at Brussels South Charleroi Airport. As 2016 begins, our plans and innovative ideas are blossoming. Saturation of the current terminal is one of our main concerns. The extension of the terminal, with the construction of terminal 2, is set to begin in spring this year, and it is due to be operational in spring 2017. We are keen to continue to grow by diversifying our services, both for our passengers and our airlines.



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