Mr Laurent Leveque resigns as Chairman of the Board of Brussels South Charleroi Airport


Chairmanship of Brussels South Charleroi Airport’s Board of Directors: Inability of Mr Laurent LEVEQUE to act as Chairman

On Thursday 19 September 2019, the regional Government of Wallonia ordered the appointment of Mr Laurent LEVEQUE as Chief of Staff for the Vice-President and Minister of Employment, Training, Health, Social Affairs, Equal Opportunities and Women’s Rights.

By virtue of the articles of association of Brussels South Charleroi Airport and the Walloon Decree on the status of the public administrator, which establishes that there is a conflict between the roles of member of staff for a Government Vice-President and that of Chairman of Brussels South Charleroi Airport, at its meeting on 26 September 2019, the Board of Directors duly noted that Mr Laurent LEVEQUE is unable to fulfil the role of Chairman of BSCA.

He will continue in his role as Director on Brussels South Charleroi Airport’s Board of Directors.

Mr Michaël VAN DEN KERKHOVE will be acting Chairman in his capacity as Vice-Chairman until the Board of Directors appoints a new Chairman.

Charleroi, 26 September 2019


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