Launch of Brussels South Charleroi Airport’s new digital platform: The airport is developing new tools to help travellers


Brussels South Charleroi Airport announces the official launch of its brand new digital platform. It is intended to simplify the passenger experience thanks to new digital channels specifically designed by the airport. Via Brussels South Charleroi Airport’s new digital platform, future travellers will have easy access to information and products offered by the airport. To complement the mobile app, which was launched in June 2018, there is now a brand new website, accompanied by an e-commerce platform where users can quickly and easily purchase services inherent in air travel.

Brussels South Charleroi Airport is aiming to become an airport 3.0, and is keen to offer its passengers a fantastic experience. With the help of a wide range of partners from its ecosystem, specialising in digital technology, the airport has managed to develop a series of digital tools, the aim of which is to personalise the relationship between the traveller and the airport. It is now easy for passengers to plan each stage of their journey thanks to the different information channels provided.

Offering a new identity, with a streamlined style, the airport’s new website aims to be user-friendly, with quick access to the answers to any questions future passengers might ask. As an added bonus, an e-commerce platform has been developed as well. Its purpose is to give travellers the chance to book all of BSCA’s products, namely parking, priority access to security and access to the airport lounge. These services can now be booked individually or via packages designed for all types of journey, and to suit any budget.

Above and beyond the services offered by Brussels South Charleroi Airport, the airport was keen to work closely with all the stakeholders and partners working on its site. Users can therefore also book their whole holiday on the airport’s website, via an integrated booking module. All options are available, from just a flight to the whole package, including flights, hotel and car hire.

Transport from/to the airport via shuttle bus from different cities in Belgium (Brussels, Ghent, Brugge, etc), as well as in neighbouring countries (Luxembourg, Lille), can also be booked from the BSCA website, which redirects to partner sites.

Lastly, International Duty Free, Brussels South Charleroi Airport’s duty-free outlet, is also selling its products on the airport’s website. Future passengers can now place their orders online before they leave home, and pick up their purchases once they get to the airport.
These new digital channels are in addition to the airport’s mobile app, which was launched in June 2018. The ultimate goal of these different tools is to help passengers, from their own home to the departure gate, with a customised A to Z solution to suit their different needs.

Laurent LEVEQUE, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Brussels South Charleroi Airport, explains: “We are committed to pursuing a policy to help reduce stress on our premises, which is why we have decided to introduce a service dedicated to digital technology. The team on-site, helped by lots of different partners, has been committed to putting together a series of tools to help online travellers get as much information as possible to prepare for their journey, and so anticipate everything involved, from their home to the plane.”

Philippe VERDONCK, Chief Executive Officer of Brussels South Charleroi Airport, continues: “On several occasions, the airport has been rewarded for the quality of its services, its facilities and its punctuality. Building on its operational experience, the airport’s reputation has already been established. We now need to take this even further and enhance the relationship we have with our travellers. Above and beyond the smooth running of the airport, we hope to be able to respond to the needs and demands of the airport’s users, so that they can enjoy their journey from the moment they step over our threshold.

Charleroi, 16 May 2019


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