Growth for May 2018 at Brussels South Charleroi Airport: 7% more passengers and a new route to Italy for the winter


May 2018 closes on a positive note for Brussels South Charleroi Airport. 748,876 passengers crossed the tarmac at BSCA, so a 7% rise compared with the results for May 2017. Over the same period last year, 701,773 passengers chose Brussels South Charleroi. Last but not least, occupancy rates rose by 3%, approaching 91% over the course of the month. Long-haul flights to Hong Kong officially began on 6 June 2018, while Irish airline Ryanair will be launching a new route to Palermo for the winter.

The Mediterranean region and Central and Eastern European countries were once again the most popular destinations for people travelling from Brussels South Charleroi Airport. Spain still occupies the number one spot, followed by Italy, France and Morocco. Representing Central and Eastern Europe, Poland is the 5th most popular country.

Good news for the Italian community of Belgium and its neighbouring countries: Ryanair will be launching a new route to Palermo on 28 October 2018. On the north coast of Sicily on the edge of the Mediterranean, the island’s capital will be linked to Brussels South Charleroi Airport thanks to four flights a week on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

Jean-Jacques CLOQUET, CEO of Brussels South Charleroi Airport, explains: “May was an excellent month for the airport. 7% more passengers compared to the 2018 results, a significant rise, providing reassurance that all of our hard work is paying off. It is acknowledged every day, thanks to the confidence placed in us by our passengers and partners. Air Belgium has really taken off and now offers direct flights from our airport to Hong Kong; a real gift for our passengers and businessmen keen to jet off in the best possible circumstances, and free of any stress. Lastly, we are thrilled to see Ryanair launch a direct flight to Palermo for the winter. As shown by the rankings for the most popular countries, Italy remains a safe bet and an incredibly popular destination from Brussels South Charleroi Airport.”

Charleroi, 18 June 2018


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