Commercial activities at Brussels South Charleroi Airport could resume in early June 2020


The current health crisis has forced Brussels South Charleroi Airport (BSCA) to temporarily suspend its activities. Closed to passengers and airlines since 24 March 2020, the airport is facing an unprecedented situation that demands a thorough, ongoing analysis of the circumstances in order to be as prepared as we can be to relaunch activities. In accordance with the Federal Government’s recommendations, depending on how the system is developing internationally and according to information received from airlines, the possible resumption of commercial activities on the tarmac at Brussels South Charleroi Airport is estimated to be at the beginning of June 2020.

The current crisis is hitting the aviation sector hard. Nobody in the industry has been spared, and many airlines around the world have grounded some, if not all, of their fleets. This has an impact on airports, whose operations are severely affected.

Faced with a reduction in its business and the temporary suspension of flights to/from Brussels South Charleroi Airport by airlines, the airport made the decision to suspend all of its commercial activities.

Today, Belgium’s Foreign Minister has prohibited all non-essential foreign travel.  This prohibition will be assessed at a later stage by the Belgian National Security Council. Brussels South Charleroi Airport is also in constant contact with the airlines who operate on its tarmac in order to put together a plan to relaunch operations. Given all of these factors, and taking into account the complexity of the current situation, at the moment, the airport estimates that commercial activities will partially resume from the beginning of June 2020.

The final date for the reopening of BSCA’s facilities to passengers and airlines will have to be confirmed later on, depending on how the situation evolves and in agreement with the different parties involved. The relaunch will be partial and gradual, taking into account the opening up of borders in countries connected to Brussels South Charleroi Airport, as well as their conditions and restrictions in terms of access.

Until the date of this relaunch is made official, only health, government and maintenance flights are running.

Health is a primary concern for Brussels South Charleroi Airport, so it will introduce various measures designed to ensure the safety of all staff and users of the airport.

Charleroi, 30 April 2020


  1. Very doubtful…! 90% activity hangs on Ryanair which is not ready to resume its activity till July at least..


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