Brussels South Charleroi Airport charges passengers €1 for toilet visit


Additional revenue for Brussels South Charleroi Airport? Or an extra cost for passengers travelling through the airport? Indeed, airport management BSCA recently decided to charge €1 per passenger who would like to make use of any of the toilets at the airport.  

The newly installed (and clearly sophisticated) devices only accept bank cards. Cash payments are not accepted. “Unbelievable, you even have to pay after your arrival from a flight,” a passenger explained to the media broadcast RTL.

The charge concerns almost all toilets of the airport: the main terminal building landside, and on arrival near the baggage carousel. “I have travelled a lot and I can’t seem to recall another airport that charges for toilet breaks. Very greedy and a pity for foreigners who land at Charleroi. Clearly affecting the image of Belgium,” another traveller added. The only toilets which remain free are on the airside for departures after security controls.

The airport commented that the toilets are often vandalised and passengers leave filthy toilets even though they are cleaned hourly.


  1. They must be desperate for revenues! Using toilet and other airport facilities is part of airport taxes each passenger pays. Passengers and airlines should start boycotting this airport

  2. Nergens in deze wereld heb ik dat niet gezien
    Wat gebeyrt met oude mensen die komen hun kinderen bezoeken of famille die geen card heeft.Hoe kunnen die mensen betalen .?Ik zie mijn oma die echt nood heeft om vaak naar toilet te gaan om telkens 1 euro en ze heeft geen card.Schandalig .Echt niet meer menselijk.


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