Brussels South Charleroi expands Terminal 1 with new restaurant, lounge and duty-free areas and a terrace for smokers [PICS]


The commercial area of Brussels South Charleroi Airport will be expanded in order to improve comfort and passenger experience within the Terminal. The work started on 1 October and will continue until early 2020, since it can only be carried out during short nights: travellers come to the airport as early as 04:00.

Restaurants currently cover 153m². Their area will be increased to 340m². World leader when it comes to catering services on transport sites, the SSP group was awarded the catering concessions for passengers both landside (the area open to the public) and airside (the area after security control). Twelve outlets will open in turn as the different phases of the work are completed. International brands will come to the airport for the first time: Starbucks landside in December 2018, Burger King and Panos airside in the following months.

A third floor dedicated to HORECA will be built to house other outlets. A new lounge with a surface area of 200m² will be created, compared with the 36m² currently available. Lastly, a terrace covering 370m² will also give travellers the chance to relax and enjoy a meal or a cold drink before they jet off to the destinations available from Brussels South Charleroi Airport. Smokers will also be able to light a cigarette.

Nicolas Van Brandt, CEO International Duty Free © André Orban

International Duty Free (founded by Aldo Vastapane 60 years ago with the first continental duty-free shop at the newly inaugurated Brussels Airport), Brussels-Charleroi airport’s duty-free shop will be able to offer more products when its surface area increases from 900m² to 1200m². From a commercial perspective, it will now be able to offer an even better passenger experience, with a larger, better range of choices to respond to the changing profile of the customers. New products from brands that are already present will be added to the current offering. With the potential to develop what is already available, from fashion to fine food, via cosmetics, fragrances, alcohol and toys, new labels will be available for travellers to choose from. A brand new architectural concept (inspired by Horta’s Art Nouveau) will be introduced to guarantee passengers passing through Brussels South Charleroi Airport a fantastic experience.

The cost of this expansion amounts 8 million euros for BSCA, 4 million euros for International Duty Free and an undisclosed amount for SSP. The fact that works can only be carried out at night and under security screening adds 20% to the bill.

Nicolas VAN BRANDT, Chief Executive Officer of International Duty Free Belgium S.A., confirms: “We are thrilled to be involved in the development of Wallonia’s airport services with this new commercial project. Thanks to the exquisite design, which fits in perfectly with Belgium, and a broader range of brands and products to choose from, first and foremost we want to improve the passenger experience”.

Charleroi Airport CEO Jean-Jacques Cloquet © André Orban

Jean-Jacques CLOQUET, Chief Executive Officer of Brussels South Charleroi Airport, is delighted that he has such strong partners to rely on, explaining: “We would like to acknowledge the hard work done by the partner companies that we work with. Thanks to them, we can help to improve our travellers’ comfort whilst offering them a wide range of services and products. Our goal is to continue to develop airport facilities at Charleroi, working closely with all the teams that strive for the fulfilment of our goals to the benefit of our passengers’ experience”.

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