Brussels South Charleroi Airport is rewarded with the Liantis Award for its accident-prevention policy


In October, at the 18th Liantis Awards, Brussels South Charleroi Airport received a prize for its accident prevention and wellbeing in the workplace awards. The award showcased a video, created in-house by ramp agents, designed to reduce workplace accidents and facilitate the transfer of skills between experienced staff and new employees.

Liantis, a service group associated with human resources, is committed to showcasing practical initiatives implemented in businesses, the aim of which are to improve wellbeing in the workplace. Winners in the ‘wellbeing & accident-prevention’ category, Brussels South Charleroi Airport distinguished itself by producing a video created by ramp agents using a GoPro, in collaboration with the airport’s Accident Prevention Advisor and the Occupational Doctor. Practical advice about handling baggage in an aeroplane’s hold can now be passed on effectively to new staff employed by the company as ramp agents.

The project put forward by Brussels South Charleroi Airport caught the attention of the panel of judges, made up of experts from the worlds of business and academia, for two reasons. The originality of the initiative, which was both practical and educational, designed to showcase risky situations in a concrete way, contributed to the panel’s decision to award the prize to the airport. The second reason was to recognise the motivation and involvement of the ramp agents who played an active role in the project.

The Liantis Awards are a valuable tool that helps us monitor developments in terms of HR, wellbeing and accident-prevention policies. This means we can respond to new trends quickly, thanks to final-year projects carried out by students or the practical experience of employers. These new and innovative approaches will play an important role in the development of our services,” explains Philip VAN EECKHOUTE, Managing Director of Liantis.

Jean-Jacques CLOQUET, Chief Executive Officer of Brussels South Charleroi Airport, adds: “We are honoured to have received this prize, within the context of promoting wellbeing in the workplace. We are delighted with the progress made to improve working conditions at our airport and would like to congratulate everyone for their hard work on this project. The contribution of each and every one of us helps to make our airport a success. It is by ensuring the wellbeing of every link in the chain that we manage to achieve our goals and offer our customers a quality service. All of the awards we receive are the result of the excellent work done by all of the employees at Brussels South Charleroi Airport.”

Charleroi, 14 November 2018


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