Brussels South Charleroi Airport achieves Level 4 in ACI Europe’s Airport Carbon Accreditation Programme


Brussels South Charleroi Airport (BSCA) has reached level 4 – Transformation in the Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACA) programme by ACI Europe, marking a significant milestone towards carbon neutrality.

Key Highlights:

  1. Level 4 Achievement:
    • This level confirms BSCA’s alignment with international climate goals, focusing on absolute reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.
    • It reflects a comprehensive environmental strategy that extends beyond the airport’s activities, involving partners and stakeholders to combat third-party emissions.
  2. ACA Programme:
    • Launched in 2009, the ACA programme encourages airports to adopt best practices in carbon management, adhering to standards like the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and ISO14064.
    • The programme includes seven progressive levels of accreditation.
  3. BSCA’s Environmental Initiatives:
    • Vehicle Replacement: Gradually replacing airside vehicles with electric alternatives.
    • Energy Optimisation: Enhancing efficiency in electricity and heating/ventilation systems.
    • Waste Management: Improving recycling processes.
    • Renewable Energy: Installing solar panels on Terminal 2.
    • Staff Awareness: Educating staff on reducing CO2 emissions.
  4. Long-Term Goals:
    • BSCA has set clear goals to limit climate change to a 1.5°C increase compared to pre-industrial levels, following IPCC guidelines and the Paris Agreement.
    • The airport is committed to achieving total CO2 neutrality by 2050.
  5. Global and European Context:
    • BSCA is one of 571 airports globally and 290 in Europe participating in the ACA programme.
    • It joins 91 airports worldwide that have reached levels 4, 4+, and 5, alongside airports like Montreal, Hong Kong, Auckland, Zurich, and San Francisco.
  6. Recognition:
    • Olivier Jankovec, Managing Director of ACI Europe, praised BSCA for being the first Belgian airport to achieve Level 4 Transformation, highlighting the team’s dedication to effective decarbonisation and extending their environmental outreach.


BSCA’s achievement in the ACA programme underscores its commitment to environmental sustainability and proactive carbon management, contributing to the global effort against climate change.


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