Brussels South Charleroi Airport: 708,098 passengers in July 2015 (+9%)


Brussels South Charleroi Airport announces its results for the first month of the 2015 holidays. In July, 708,098 passengers came through Charleroi, which represents an increase of 9% compared with the 2014 results. Last year, 651,130 passengers passed through Charleroi Brussels South Airport. The occupancy rate exceeded 90% during the month of July.

The most popular countries from the airport include Spain, Italy, France, Morocco and Poland. In this summer period, the top 5 most visited cities are:

1 Warsaw (Poland)
2 Budapest (Hungary)
3 Milan (Italy)
4 Madrid (Spain)
5 Bucharest (Romania)

BSCA’s CEO Jean-Jacques Cloquet commented on this 9% increase for the first month of the summer 2015 holidays, saying that he is thrilled with the results: “We have seen a rise of 56,968 passengers, so a 9% increase compared with the 2014 results. We are continuing to grow, in no small part due to the hard work of our employees and the trust that our airline partners put in us. July was a particularly hot month in terms of climate, and working conditions were tough for staff; they should be congratulated on all their work, despite the oppressive heat. We see that our passengers are particularly interested in destinations in South and East Europe as well as cities around the Mediterranean. The democratisation of air travel gives more people the chance to get away for a city break or all sorts of other reasons. More than 140 destinations are available from Brussels South Charleroi Airport; so plenty to choose from at very reasonable prices.


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