Brussels Airport against Charleroi Airport before European court


Brussels Airport on 29 November filed a request to intervene in support of the European Commission before the European Union Court, reports L’Echo on Tuesday. The management of the national airport intends to oppose the appeal of the Sowaer (owner of Brussels South Charleroi Airport) which disputes the upward revision of the airport fees in Charleroi.

The European Commission criticises the Walloon Region and Sowaer for granting disguised State aid to BSCA via a fee for the use of airport infrastructures which does not correspond to market prices. The European Commission has therefore condemned the management company of Charleroi Airport to repay 6 million euros arrears of fees and fixed the fees at 15 million euros from 2015, against 3 million euros previously.

Brussels South Charleroi Airport filed several appeals against that decision.

The new action by Brussels Airport is introduced as a part of Sowaer’s appeal to the European Union Court.


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