734,693 passengers at Brussels South Charleroi in August 2015 – 8% rise for July and August


In August 2015, Brussels South Charleroi Airport recorded a 7% rise in terms of passenger traffic. 734,693 people have travelled through BSCA in 2015, compared with 684,985 for the same period last year. The passenger load factor has risen once again and was 92% in August 2015.

As happens every month, the destinations available from and to Brussels South Charleroi Airport have been analysed to identify the most popular routes. In August 2015, the top 5 countries were Spain, Italy, France, Morocco and Poland. The five most popular cities in August were as follows:

1 Warsaw (Poland)
2 Budapest (Hungary)
3 Madrid (Spain)
4 Rome (Italy)
5 Bucharest (Romania)

The figures for the months of July and August 2015 are therefore positive for Brussels South Charleroi Airport. During the last two months combined, 1,442,791 passengers came through BSCA. This represents an 8% increase compared with the results in 2014; a year during which 1,336,115 people came through Charleroi. Below is a summary for 2014 and 2015.

Month 2014 results 2015 results Change
July 651,130 708,098 + 9%
August 684,985 734,693 + 7%
Total 1,336,115 1,442,791 + 8%

With autumn 2015 upon us, it is now time to look at the number of passengers using each airline. Overall, and given the rising load factor, there is a significant increase in passenger transport. The rises seen by Wizz Air and Pegasus Airlines to Charleroi is considerable, as are those recorded by tour operators Thomas Cook Airlines and Neckermann to BSCA (flights operated by Tailwind Airlines).

Airline January – August


January – August


Ryanair 3,414,709 3,682,004 + 8%
Wizz Air 364,733 439,887 + 21%
Jetairfly 460,097 445,275 – 3%
Pegasus Airlines 45,652 73,130 + 60%
TO Thomas Cook/ Neckermann

(Tailwind Airlines)

5,956 12,610 + 112%

Jean-Jacques Cloquet, BSCA’s CEO, says he is happy with these results and that they reflect the impact of all the hard work done by his teams: “After a difficult 2014, we have been seeing progress again in 2015. Just for the months of July and August this year, we have seen an 8% rise in terms of passenger traffic. The 2015 summer season was a real success for Brussels South Charleroi Airport thanks to the hard work done by all the teams. The summer months were not the most straightforward and were rather difficult in terms the climate. The steady rise and the growth of airlines at Charleroi is also significant; a sign of the on-going collaboration and a relationship of trust between our partners and us. This autumn, it’s time to focus on the future expansion of our airport and the work involved in diversifying our services.


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