656,057 passengers in October 2015 at Brussels South Charleroi (+8%)


Brussels South Charleroi Airport can announce its figures for October 2015. The tenth month of the year saw 656,057 passengers arrive in/depart from the airport, representing a rise of 8% compared with 2014 when 606,936 passengers passed through BSCA. Occupancy rates at Charleroi are positive as well; planes were 88% full, representing an increase of 4%, compared with the same month in 2014. The most popular destinations from Brussels South Charleroi Airport remain the same as in previous months. Italy is at the top of the list, followed by Spain, France, Morocco and Poland. These are the top 5 cities with visitors for October 2015:

1 Warsaw (Poland)
2 Budapest (Hungary)
3 Milan (Italy)
4 Madrid (Spain)
5 Bucharest (Romania)

In other words, fantastic progress for October 2015, as the airport’s CEO, Jean-Jacques Cloquet, confirms: “We are already approaching the end of the year, and the figures are gradually coming into focus. As 2015 comes to a close, results suggest that the number of passengers will be on the rise this year. The 8% increase for October demonstrates the excellent health of the sector, despite the difficult and competitive climate. We will continue with our efforts to embrace diversity so that we can offer more services to our clients, whether they are passengers or airlines. Our growth is in everybody’s interests if we are to maintain business“.



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