610,398 passengers travelled through Charleroi in June (+2%)


June 2016 ended with improved results at Brussels South Charleroi Airport. During the sixth month of the year, 610,398 passengers crossed the tarmac at BSCA, compared with 598,368 in June 2015, meaning a slight increase of 2% in relation to last year’s results. June also brought the first half of 2016 to an end, and during the first six months of the year, 3,487,505 passengers passed through Charleroi.

As the month of June ended with a slight increase in passenger numbers (+2%), the first half of 2016 also came to a close with a growth of 8%. Between January and June, 3,487,505 passengers travelled through BSCA, compared with 2015 when 3,219,468 people came through Charleroi.

Although these are difficult times, overall, Brussels South Charleroi Airport has seen steady growth in the first six months of the year, apart from May, when the figures were the same as those in 2015.


Month Results Growth
  2015 2016  
January 434,760 462,938 + 6%
February 432,403 489,481 + 13%
March 482,316 579,932 + 17%
April 623,901 694,946 + 11%
May 647,720 649,810 + 0%
June 598,368 610,398 + 2%
Total 3,219,468 3,487,505 +8%


The most popular countries in June 2016 follow the trend that has continued since January. Southern Europe fills the top 3 spots, with Spain leading the way, followed by Italy and France. Morocco is fourth, followed by an Eastern European destination that’s perfect for a relaxing, fascinating city breaks: Poland.

Only first place in the rankings of the most popular countries to/from BSCA has changed. In June 2016, Spain came first, whereas overall for the first half of the year, Italy was the number one destination.


TOP 5 – Countries travelled to/from Brussels South Charleroi Airport
  June 2016 1st half 2016
1 Spain Italy
2 Italy Spain
3 France France
4 Morocco Morocco
5 Poland Poland


Jean-Jacques Cloquet, BSCA’s CEO, offers his thoughts on these results and congratulates all of his teams: “We have seen improved results for the first half of the year. A rise of 8% compared with 2015 results is not insignificant, and demonstrates the appeal of our airport for passengers. Our teams, as well as our partners, are working incredibly hard to continue to meet the needs and fulfil the expectations of our passengers. Since March 2016, we have been working in fairly complex circumstances. However, we continue to strive to guarantee optimum security for everyone, and are always thinking of ways to offer excellent service combining comfort and security.

Now the holidays have begun, Brussels South Charleroi Airport is keen to give travellers a few useful pieces of advice.

The airport is far from empty. Due to the expected crowds, we recommend arriving at the airport three hours before the scheduled departure time. The Express car park is still closed to travellers, but car parks P1, P2 and P3 are still available. If you would like to drop off or pick up anyone from the airport you can park your vehicle in car park P1, which is close to the BSCA terminal.

Once at the airport, there are a number of services available to passengers to give them the best possible experience.

The Priority Lane, introduced to make things more convenient for passengers and make their journey easier, is the most efficient option for getting to your flight more quickly. You can buy a ticket for this service at the information desk in the airport or online at http://www.charleroi-airport.com/en/before-you-leave/priority-lane/index.html?no_cache=1, for just €4 per person.

Brussels South Charleroi Airport also offers passengers a private, peaceful area, with all the facilities you need to enjoy your wait before take-off. The BSCA Lounge, in the boarding area, offers a number of benefits to start your holiday, including access to the Priority Lane. You can purchase access to the lounge for €15 per person from the information desk or online at http://www.charleroi-airport.com/en/before-you-leave/lounge/index.html?no_cache=1.

Last but not least, for departures between 6.30am and 8.30am (Ryanair and Jetairfly flights only), Early Check-In lets travellers check in their luggage the day before, between 6pm and 10pm. On the day of the flight, departing passengers don’t have to worry about their bags and all they need to do is think about their holiday, coming up after just a few hours of flying. Passengers who choose to use the Early Check-In service also get priority access to security clearance. Information about the Early Check-In service can be found at http://www.charleroi-airport.com/en/before-you-leave/early-check-in/index.html.

For more information about departures, arrivals and the services offered by Brussels South Charleroi Airport, just visit http://www.charleroi-airport.com. 

Charleroi, 11 July 2016


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