482,316 passengers in March 2015 at Charleroi, an 8% increase for Q1 2015


Brussels South Charleroi Airport has seen a two-figure rise in passenger numbers for March 2015. 482,316 passengers passed through Charleroi airport this March. This represents a rise of 14% compared with the results for the same month in 2014, when 423,062 passengers were recorded. This means that the first quarter of the year ends with an 8% rise in passenger numbers. 1,349,479 passengers have come through BSCA since 1 January 2015.

2014 2015 Results
January 416,163 434,760 + 4%
February 405,023 432,403 + 7%
March 423,062 482,316 + 14%
Total 1,244,248 1,349,479 + 8%

The occupancy rate of planes at Brussels South Charleroi Airport is also up compared with 2014, as the airport continues to grow in a very competitive environment. However, this 8% rise for the first quarter is still significant and the result of everybody’s contribution and hard work at BSCA.

In March, the five most popular countries for people travelling from Brussels South Charleroi Airport were Italy, Spain, Morocco, France and Poland. This fits in with the most popular countries for the first quarter of 2015.

The top 5 destinations from Charleroi are:

March 2015 1st Quarter 2015
Budapest (Hungary) Budapest (Hungary)
Milan (Italy) Milan (Italy)
Madrid (Spain) Warsaw (Poland)
Warsaw (Poland) Madrid (Spain)
Bucharest (Romania) Bucharest (Romania)

Jean-Jacques Cloquet, BSCA’s CEO, would like to congratulate all the teams for the quality of their work. In an environment that is still tough, he is happy with these results: “Overall, Charleroi airport is doing well. These results have exceeded our hopes and expectations. They clearly show that our passengers continue to put their faith in the excellent services offered by BSCA. These results once again confirm the benefits that Charleroi airport offers it customers, namely accessibility, reasonable ticket prices and convenience, for stress-free travel.