240,900 passengers passed through Brussels South Charleroi Airport in July (-70%)


Brussels South Charleroi Airport welcomed 240,900 passengers, 30% of passenger numbers compared to July 2019. Last year, during the same period, 4,767 commercial movements were recorded, compared to 1,984 movements this year.

This year, Brussels South Charleroi Airport is experiencing a drop in summer traffic. Compared to July 2019, the airport has operated at 30% of its capacity in terms of passenger traffic. 240,900 passengers walked onto the BSCA tarmac. The rate of departures from Brussels South Charleroi Airport reached 57%, i.e. 138,254 passengers, compared with 43% in the arrivals direction (102,646 passengers).

The situation changed significantly during the month of July, leading to changes in traffic leaving the airport. As a result, Brussels South Charleroi Airport recorded 1,984 commercial movements from its tarmac, representing 42% of traffic compared to July 2019.

In terms of destinations, the Mediterranean basin and Central Europe were very popular with travellers.

Charleroi, 10 August 2020


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