A 2% rise in passenger numbers for BSCA in July 2016: 721,620 passengers came through Charleroi


Now the first big holiday month for 2016 is behind us, it is time to look at the results for Brussels South Charleroi Airport. This year, 721,620 passengers have come through BSCA, a 2% increase compared with the figures for 2015, when 708,098 passengers made their way across the airport’s tarmac.

Brussels South Charleroi Airport consolidates its position with a rise in passenger numbers since the start of the year. Only May saw the status quo maintained in terms of passengers travelling to/from BSCA.

The predictions of the most popular destinations have been confirmed as we put the first month of the holidays behind us. Spain comes first in the rankings, followed by Italy, France and Morocco. Sunny resorts around the Mediterranean proved the most sought-after by passengers using Brussels South Charleroi Airport. More suitable for city breaks and a change of scene, Poland came fifth, offering cities such as Warsaw, Gdansk and Krakow.

Jean-Jacques Cloquet, BSCA’s CEO, reports: “Brussels South Charleroi Airport continues to grow. All of our teams, along with our partners, continue to work hard, making sure that they maintain the highest quality of services and punctuality, all with the best interests of the passengers at heart. BSCA has always striven to offer customers the utmost comfort, at the same time as consolidating security measures, as we look forward to the upcoming opening of terminal T2.

There is already plenty to look forward to this autumn at BSCA. In September, new destinations will be added to the range of cities already available from Charleroi. Toulouse, Glasgow (Ryanair) and Annaba (Jetairfly) join the ranks of the destinations offered by the airport and its partner airlines. Ryanair will also be launching two new lines to Timisoara and Sofia, which are already available with Wizz Air. Last but not least, the work on terminal T2 continues and is due to be finished slightly ahead of schedule. Completion is due at the end of 2016 and the new terminal should be operational at the beginning of 2017.

Charleroi, 11 July 2016


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