Winners of the 11th Brussels Airport Aviation Awards – The Diamond Award to the 3,500 employees of Brussels Airlines

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During an award ceremony held at the Sheraton Brussels Airport Hotel on Monday evening, 26th February 2018, Brussels Airport rewarded its partners and the airlines that distinguished themselves from the others by punctuality, performance, environment, safety and development.

Brussels Airport handed out the Aviation Awards for the 11th time. In addition to the 9 traditional awards, a new ‘logistic provider award’ was handed out for the very first time. was present at the ceremony to report.

The show was introduced by Boom Chicago, a sketch and improvisational comedy group based in Amsterdam.

Network Development Awards

The Network Development Awards are presented to airlines who have developed new routes or have achieved a remarkable growth in passengers or cargo.

  • Network Development Award Short Haul Airline

Air Arabia Maroc (runner-up TUI fly Belgium). Last year, Air Arabia Maroc added Fez to its network and generated a growth of 20% in the number of passengers. With 4 direct destinations in Morocco, Brussels Airport is one of their largest European hubs.

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  • Network Development Award Long Haul Airline

Hainan Airlines (runner-up Brussels Airlines). Since October, Hainan Airlines operates three direct flights per week to the new Chinese destination Shanghai. On 20 March, two weekly flights to Shenzhen will be added.

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  • Network Development Award Cargo Airline

DHL Cargo (runner-up Emirates SkyCargo). In 2017, DHL Aviation opened the new ‘state of art’ hub at BRUcargo and also operated more flights in the last year.

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  • BRUcargo Award

Belgian customs (runner-up Brussels Airlines Cargo). The Belgian customs receive the Brucargo Award for all its initiatives and the collective projects to improve processes at Brucargo.

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  • Logistic Provider Award

Panalpina (runner-up DHL Global Forwarding). The new ‘logistic provider’ award honours the logistic service provider which, in the past year, has distinguished itself in terms of growth or further development of its activities. The very first winner of this award is Panalpina, which has doubled its warehouse capacity, further digitised its services and has invested in the transport of perishable goods.

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Environment and Safety Awards

The Environment and Safety Awards are presented to airlines or partners that have made a particular contribution to the environment and to the on-going improvement of safety standards and awareness.

  • Environment Award

Tui fly Belgium. TUI fly has placed a large order for the new generation Boeing 737MAX. The first one landed at Brussels Airport on 30 January and in 2018 TUI fly Belgium will be operating four of these exceptionally quiet aircraft. They will also be adding a second Boeing 787 to the long-haul fleet.

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  • Safety Award

Brussels Airfuels Services. Brussels Airfuels Services has a pro-active and constructive collaboration on all aspects of safety on the airport territory. It is not the first time that Brussels Airfuels Services has claimed this award; it won the award earlier in 2009.

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Performance and Punctuality Awards

The Performance and Punctuality Awards reward passenger and cargo airlines that are punctual and perform well. Punctuality is the best on-time performance, that is with an arrival or departure within 15 minutes of the scheduled time.

The performance for cargo is calculated using the number of weekly flights, the number of destinations, the total quantity of cargo flown, the cargo per flight and the growth in cargo tonnage.

  • Performance Award Cargo Airlines

Ethiopian Airlines Cargo (runner-up Singapore Airlines Cargo). Ethiopian Airlines Cargo performed exceptionally last year in the total amount of cargo flown, cargo per flight and growth in cargo tonnage.

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  • Punctuality Award Short Haul Airline

Iberia (runner-up Eurowings with an 87% punctuality performance). Iberia has a punctuality of 89% for the three daily flights to Madrid.

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  • Punctuality Award Long Haul Airline

ANA All Nippon Airways (runner-up Qatar Airways with an 89% punctuality performance). All Nippon Airways has a punctuality of 92% for their daily flight to Tokyo.

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Biennial Diamond Award

At the end of the award ceremony, Brussels Airport CEO Arnaud Feist came to the stage to give the 2017 Diamond Award to the 3,500 people that work for Brussels Airlines. It is the 5th time the Diamond Award is presented and it honours a person or organisation that has consistently contributed to the successful development of Brussels Airport.

In recent years, Brussels Airlines has been one of the fastest growing airlines in Europe, with a growth at Brussels Airport from 5 million passengers in 2010 to 9.1 million in 2017. The intercontinental network has been extended from sub-Sahara Africa to North America and India. Furthermore, membership of Star Alliance has brought many other intercontinental airlines to Brussels Airport. Brussels Airlines is also the flying ambassador of Belgium. Initiatives such as Hi Belgium and the aircraft with Belgian icons make the airline highly recognisable abroad and thus make an important contribution to tourism in Belgium. With the Diamond Award, we want to thank all 3,500 employees of Brussels Airlines for all the daily efforts to achieve this fantastic performance.”

Previous editions of the Brussels Airport Aviation Awards

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ANA – All Nippon Airways is extremely happy for its long-haul punctuality award © Bart Noëth
Diamond Award for Bernard Gustin and Brussels Airlines’ 3,499 other employees © Bart Noëth
Diamond Award for Bernard Gustin and Brussels Airlines’ 3,499 other employees © Bart Noëth
Runner-up long-haul punctuality award for Qatar Airways © Bart Noëth
Runner-up Performance Award Cargo Airlines for Singapore Airlines Cargo © Bart Noëth
Runner-up Performance Award Cargo Airlines for Singapore Airlines Cargo © Bart Noëth
© Bart Noëth
© Bart Noëth
BRUcargo runner-up Brussels Airlines Cargo © Bart Noëth
Network Development Award Cargo Airline – runner-up Emirates SkyCargo © Bart Noëth
Network Development Award Long Haul Airline – Runner-up Brussels Airlines © Bart Noëth



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