Up to one of hour of waiting time at security checkpoints of Belgian airports after walkout of security staff


Passengers travelling through Brussels Airport will have to be patient this Tuesday morning as the unions representing the airport’s security staff have called for actions. A Brussels Airport spokesperson said that passengers might have to wait up to one hour at the security checkpoints.

Discussions on pay and working conditions in the security sector were interrupted last week. To support their demands, around 500 agents – of which a lot of them are normally active at Brussels Airport – are part of a protest at the NATO site in Brussels.

According to the airport, the biggest impact for passengers was before 10:00 (UTC +2). After that the situation should improve. The airport calls travellers to check in well in advance, between two and three hours before their flight.

According to Belgian RTBF, passengers travelling through Brussels South Charleroi airport are also affected by the protest actions.


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