Top diplomat Jan Grauls to chair Forum 2040 on strategic vision of Brussels Airport

Brussels Airport is delighted to announce that Jan Grauls will chair the Forum 2040, the dialogue platform where a variety of stakeholders will talk to each other about the Strategic Vision 2040 of Brussels Airport.

When announcing the Strategic Vision 2040 for Brussels Airport, the airport also launched the dialogue platform Forum 2040. The forum aims to bring together all those involved with the airport in an open and constructive dialogue about the Strategic Vision 2040 and all its implications.

Brussels Airport has asked Jan Grauls to chair Forum 2040. Grauls has a long career as diplomatic representative of Belgium. In his last position, he was, from 2008 to 2013, the permanent representative of Belgium at the United Nations in New York.

The initiative of Brussels Airport to bring together various parties round the table, is a first in its history. A specialised agency in complex projects will be supervising and monitoring the whole debate process. This professional approach guarantees the independence of Forum 2040 and that makes it a unique concept, one in which I am pleased to participate. As Chair, it will be my task to ensure that everybody can has his or her say in this open dialogue, to look for answers to their questions and to chair the debate. It is a task that I gladly accept because, thanks to my professional experience, I strongly believe in the strength of a constructive dialogue”, says Jan Grauls, chair of Forum 2040.

Panel will select participants after 15 December

The registrations for the Forum 2040 have already started. At the moment, we have almost 200 persons and organisations that have put themselves forward as candidate.The registration period runs until 15 December. Anyone interested in participating can still register via the site

An independent panel of five people will then select 60 people from the various stakeholder groups to participate in Forum 2040. One third of these places are for those living in the immediate vicinity, both individuals and citizens organised into a committee or group. A further third of the places are for social-economic actors, organisations or companies which work with themes such as employment, mobility, tourism, quality of life, economy etc. The remaining places are divided between representatives of the airport community and independent experts.

In addition to the Forum 2040, Brussels Airport also maintains bilateral contacts with politicians, at local, regional and federal level, and will also enter into dialogue with these institutions about the Strategic Vision 2040. During these contacts, information will be exchanged about the issues under discussion and questions within Forum 2040.

Brussels Airport wants, in addition to the dialogue in Forum 2040, to engage in a wider dialogue with everybody about the Strategic Vision 2040. Anyone can ask questions via the website, on the dedicated Facebook page Brussels Airport 2040 or via the general Twitter account of Brussels Airport.

4 December 2016



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