For the third time in a short period, Brussels Airport faces technical problems with its baggage system


For the third time in less than two months, Brussels Airport is facing technical problems with its baggage system. As a result certain flights have to leave without baggage, the airport expects that – from 9:00 (UTC +2) – departing flights can be delayed.

We deeply regret this situation,” the airport tweeted, “our teams are doing their utmost best to repair the system and to limit the impact for our passengers, so hopefully normal operations will be possible this afternoon.

Between 06:00 and 09:00, some 30 flights already took off without baggage.

A terrible timing as, this weekend, the airport expects more than 170,000 passengers. Only two weeks ago, the airport offered €50 vouchers to affected passengers after the previous conveyor belt mishap.

The airport had taken exceptional measures to make sure the weekend would end without major problems: additional staff at customs and information desks for example.

Travellers are asked to prepare their luggage in advance, making sure that their hand baggage does not exceed the maximum dimensions and weight and contains the necessary items for first needs. They are also asked to check the validity of their documents.

UPDATE 18:00 from Brussels Airport:

This morning, a suitcase with a badly attached belt has been entered in the Brussels Airport baggage system and has caused damage, which has caused the system to be down for three hours. From 9 am onwards, airport operations have been gradually resuming. As of 3 pm, flights are leaving normally with baggage.

We sincerely apologise to all of our passengers for the inconvenience. We do our utmost best to deliver the baggage that has stayed behind at Brussels Airport to its final destination as soon as possible.

Technical problems delay baggage check-in at Brussels Airport; many flights departed without baggage


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