The Airport ombudsman asks Brussels Airport to remove a page glorifying the Boeing 737 MAX


Boeing 737 MAX: the strange communication of Brussels Airport

Good news for the airport, the local residents and the environment: TUI fly is expanding its fleet with 4 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft.

Thanks to its new engine and extremely aerodynamic design, the latest model from the American aircraft manufacturer Boeing emits 14% less CO2 and makes 40% less noise.

The information, published on the site of the Brussels airport, is, to say the least, surprising: this aircraft, involved in two accidents that made some 346 victims in October 2018 and March 2019, is now prohibited from flying in a large number countries, including Belgium, and for most airlines.

Contacted by Le Vif/L’Express, the spokeswoman for the airport ensures that this information, immediately accessible on the site, is old and dated from before the accidents. But there is no date on this, other than a “Terms of Use 2018” at the bottom of the page.

We plan to either leave this release on the site stating when it dates, or to delete it outright,” said the spokeswoman.

Nevertheless, the information was part of the 2019 environmental report published yesterday, 24 July

25/07/19 at 11:58

Update 26/07/2019

Brussels Airport removed the controversial page.



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