Technical problems delay baggage check-in at Brussels Airport; many flights departed without baggage


This morning Brussels Airport faced technical problems with its baggage system. Due to computer issues, baggage check-in had to be completed by hand, causing long queues at the check-in desks. Furthermore, the sorting system did not work, so that baggage had to be directed manually to the right flight.

To limit delays, several flights left without baggage. The airport is doing the utmost to redirect the delayed baggage to the destinations of the passengers.

Check-in of baggage restarted again at 13:00. Brussels Airport regrets this situation.

At the end of the day, it appeared that some 10,000 pieces of luggage had been left behind. It will take several days to handle that backlog.

Also, TUI Airlines Belgium diverted to Charleroi and Antwerp a few flights scheduled to land at Brussels. The passengers were carried by bus to/from the alternate airports.

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  1. It’s now July 16th and I do not have my luggage. I am getting text messages that they are tracing it. I do not believe I am ever going to see it again. This ruined a very expensive vacation.

  2. Which flight did you take? To which destination? Depending on the destination, three days delay is not dramatic: some destinations are served only once or twice per week. Keep your receipts and make a claim to your airline, which in turn will ask to be compensated by Brussels Airport.


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