Brussels Airport Forum 2040 begins with information meeting for all candidates

A first information meeting for Forum 2040 has been held at Brussels Airport. All eligible candidates for Forum 2040 were invited to attend the first meeting. During the meeting, Brussels Airport Company briefly explained the Strategic Vision 2040 and also the further progress of Forum 2040. All participants were given the opportunity to ask questions at length during the meeting.

The Strategic Vision 2040 for Brussels Airport must get the airport and our country ready for the future. The aviation sector is faced with important developments, more specifically the growth in passengers and cargo traffic, a more noise-efficient aircraft fleet and capacity problems in some airports.

Within Europe, the growth potential is largest for medium-sized hubs such a Brussels Airport, which have not yet achieved their full potential. Brussels Airport wants to grab these opportunities to attract growth and, in doing so, create jobs and prosperity in our country.

Brussels Airport wants to fulfil the economic potential and social development of the airport in a balanced approach with its surroundings. To achieve this, Brussels Airport has created Forum 2040 in which 80 representatives of the neighbouring residents, action groups, companies, experts and representatives of local authorities meet together to exchange opinions and ideas in an open and structured dialogue.

Brussels Airport has taken the initiative to start Forum 2040 because the airport believes in the value of an open dialogue where the opinion of everyone is respected and because the content of the discussions can reveal new information and insights about the Strategic Vision 2040 based on the various positions and so help the airport operator enrich and refine it.

Further progress of Forum 2040

The opening meeting of Forum 2040 took place on the evening of Thursday 22 June. All eligible candidates for the Forum 2040 were invited to attend this meeting. Those present were given a short presentation about the Strategic Vision 2040 and an explanation about the further progress of Forum 2040. Everybody was also given the opportunity to ask questions.

At the end of August, an independent jury will choose 80 participants for the Forum 2040 from more than 230 candidates. When making their selection, the jury will ensure a balanced representation based on the motivation given by the candidates for participating in Forum 2040, their place of residence and their profile. In the autumn, in-depth dialogue sessions will be held on the topics of mobility, landside and airside development.

22 June 2017


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