Soon a new name for Brussels Airport?


Will Brussels Airport change its name soon? This is, in any case, the dream of the mayor of Steenokkerzeel, who would like the airport renamed, like in many other major cities.

Paris, New York or Rome, for example, have chosen to give their airport the name of a famous character: respectively Charles De Gaulle, John F. Kennedy or Leonardo da Vinci.

Part of the airport’s facilities are located on the territory of his municipality, Kurt Ryon suggests renaming Brussels Airport and calling it “Breughel International Airport” in the future.

Many international airports receive the name of an artist or a prominent personality,” the burgomaster told Grondvest magazine.

It is true that Pieter Breughel airport would sound nice. “An artist that the whole world envies us and who was a bridge character between Brussels and its rural surroundings,” says Kurt Ryon.

Source: Le Vif


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