Serious air traffic movement limitations in Belgian airspace from Friday 1 March 2019 – 23:00 until Saturday 2 March 2019 – 06:00 due to ATC staff shortage at Skeyes


Belgian air traffic services provider Skeyes is limiting air traffic movements in Belgian airspace from Friday 1 March 2019 (23:00) until Saturday 2 March 2019 (06:00).

Belgian public broadcast company VRT is reporting that the air traffic services provider needs to take these drastic measures due to staff shortages after many controllers called in sick.

Several flights at Brussels Airport will possibly be affected by these limitations, including cargo flights (mostly operated by DHL) as well as inbound air traffic operated by Brussels Airlines. The inbound flights originating from Africa will have to be delayed before departing from their origin, otherwise, they risk of arriving in Belgian airspace before the limitations are lifted. The limitations may also affect flights to other Belgian airports such as Liege, Charleroi, Antwerp and Ostend.

Most other flights to Belgian airports should not be affected by these airspace restrictions, unless the measures remain in effect after 06:00 on Saturday morning.

Skeyes has tried to mitigate the airspace restrictions by calling in staff, without success.

The ACV-Transcom trade union had sent a strike notice until 23 March, but had earlier promised not to strike during the winter break holiday until 11 March.

Source: VRT

01 March 2019


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