Work-to-rule action of Brussels Airport customs officers for the second day in a row


This morning (18 October), a work-to-rule action at Brussels Airport disturbed passenger flow through customs. Customs officers are continuing their actions for a second day. Passengers can expect a delay of up to one hour, according to union members.

We are doing the same as Wednesday,” a union member explained, “we are checking every passenger, not just a few as usual.” Departing passengers are not affected by the social actions.

According to the union member, the work-to-rule action is set to continue until they receive a “positive signal” of Johan Van Overtveldt, Belgian Minister of Finance. The customs officers complain about the lack of staff.


  1. It’s the first time in years I see them working. Usually, when you arrive at Brussels Airport, 4 or 5 customs officers are having a chat between them and don’t give a damn about travellers. Lack of staff? That’s a joke!


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