Runway 07R/25L of Brussels Airport closed for 9 days in August for maintenance work


Brussels Airport will be undertaking maintenance works on runway 07R/25L at the end of August. The top layer of asphalt in the landing area will be renovated so that all aircraft movements on the runway can continue to take place in safety. The runway will not be in use for 9 days.

At the end of August, Brussels Airport will be carrying out maintenance works on runway 07R/25L. The works are planned from Friday 18 August to Sunday 27 August. Unforeseen technical occurrences or adverse weather conditions could affect the duration of these works.

In the landing area, the so-called ‘touchdown zone’, the top layer of asphalt will be removed and replaced. The maintenance is necessary to guarantee the continued safe and efficient use of this runway.

The maintenance works will have no or low impact on passenger and cargo operations. Since it will not always be possible to use runway 07R/25L during the works, neighbouring people will sometimes notice that a different runway is being used.

During the week in daytime, the preferential use of runways will remain in force. At night, runway 25R will be used for landing and take-off and also runway 19 for take-off.

During the day in the weekend, runway 25R shall be the preferential runway for landing and 19 for take-off as main configuration (map 1). The night configuration during the weekend shall mainly be to use runway 25R for landing and take-off (map 2).

Map 1: weekend main mode during the day


Map 2: weekend main mode during the night


In adverse weather conditions in the weekend, runway 01 will be used during the day (option 1 – map 3) or runway 07L (option 2 – map 4), each time for both take-off and landing. During the night, runway 07L or 01 will be used for take-off and runway 01 for landing (map 5)

Map 3: alternate mode option 1


Map 4: alternate mode option 2


Map 5: alternate mode during the night


13 July 2017


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