Ringtrambus: a new pleasant way to reach Brussels Airport by public transport


Brussels Airport and Flemish public transport company De Lijn yesterday inaugurated the first service of “Ringtrambus” on line 820, linking the National airport and UZ Brussel hospital.

28 June 2020 was a big day for Brussels Airport and De Lijn as the Flemish public transport company put into service new “ExquiCity 24” vehicles manufactured by Van Hool on line 820, from Brussels Airport to UZ Brussel, a 45 minutes journey in Northern Brussels.

Aviation24.be‘s Thibault Lapers took the opportunity to take a ride in this new vehicle after a (nice) day of spotting.

First of all, this service runs every 30 minutes on weekdays and on Saturday, and only once per hour on Sunday.

This hybrid vehicle is quiet and really comfortable with its leather seats. There is a lot of space for people with reduced mobility or strollers for example.

Sometimes, the switch between electrical and oil energies is not felt at all.

After a (quick) 45 minutes ride of 22 kilometres, a few times its own special path, via Vilvoorde railway station, Strombeek-Bever and Brussels Expo, the conclusion is that this line is pretty good, with a new quiet, quick and enjoyable new way of transport.

Of course, this new way of transport doesn’t give the same feeling as a tram, but it is a hybrid between bus and tram, with its length (24 metres) and a real feeling of the roads. I would like to see them more on new “direct” lines to Bordet railway or Roodebeek metro stations, which are not that far from the airport.

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  1. Fun to finally see these Van Hool public transport vehicles in Belgium, after years of service in Malmö

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