Renovation of runway 25L at Brussels Airport to start on 27 May


On the 27th of May, Brussels Airport will start important renovation works on runway 25L/07R. So as to minimise the impact on the neighbouring residents and the airport activities, Brussels Airport will carry out these renovation works in several stages and also at night. Belgocontrol has defined the use of the runways during these stages in close collaboration with Brussels Airport.blank

Runways have to be thoroughly renovated every 30 years to guarantee the safety of aircraft landing or taking off. The previous renovation dates back to 1985. This year we will be renovating runway 25L/07R; the two other runways will be renovated in the coming years.

The asphalt surface layers will be replaced, the runway shoulders and drainage system will be renewed, the sewerage will be renovated and runway lighting will be replaced by energy-efficient LED lighting. Finally, the roof slab of the tunnel under RWY 25L on the Tervuursesteenweg will be given a new waterproof lining.

Runway 25L/07R will be unavailable during most of the works. Belgocontrol will do what it can to minimise the impact of the works on the preferential runway system in force*.

Every deviation from the PRS  will be assessed based on different parameters including runway and taxiway availability, the weather conditions and the density of air traffic.

As always, absolute priority will be given to air navigation safety. Moreover, every effort will be made to reduce as much as possible any delays for the passengers.

The actual flight paths will not be modified as a result of the renovation works. Work will only impact the frequency at which they are used.

* Preferential Runway System

  • Take off from runway 25R
  • Landing on runways 25R and 25L on weekdays
  • Take off from runways 25R and 19, landing on runways 25R and 25L at night and in the off-peak hours on weekends, weather permitting. 

More information is available on

Chosen period to carry out the works
Work will be carried out in three stages from 27 May to 7 September. Summer is the best period to carry out these works as this season provides the most favourable conditions: lowest chance of rain or frost, most hours of daylight…

Work will continue 24/7 in the first two stages. However, work may be delayed due to unexpected technical setbacks or unfavourable weather conditions.

Stage 1: eastern and western sections from 27 May to 3 August


The first stage of the renovation works on runway 25L/07R will start on 27 May with the renovation of a long stretch on the east side of the runway (2,110m) and a short stretch on the west side (630 m). During this period, runways 25R/07L and 01/19, remain available.

As runway 25L is not available, the landings that normally take place on this runway will be carried out on runway 25R.

Because of the larger number of landings on runway 25R, runway 19 will also have to be used for some of the take-offs during the day, especially during peak landing hours.

During the night, Belgocontrol will do their utmost to comply as much as possible with the preferential runway system. Take-offs and landing which ought to be carried out on runway 25L according to the PRS will be moved to runway 25R.

Stage 1: runway use with wind from the southwest


In the event that runways 25R and 19 cannot be used due to wind conditions, runways 01 and/or 07L will be used for take-off and landing.
Stage 1: runway use with wind from the northeast


Stage 2: work on the intersection continues 24/7 from 3 to 15 August


The second stage includes the renovation of the asphalt layers, the drainage and sewerage of the intersection of runways 25L/07R and 01/19. The shoulders will be repaved and the runway lighting will be replaced with LED lighting. This stage will take about 2 weeks.

During this stage, RWY 25R/07L will be the only runway available. Runway 25R will be used for all take-offs and landings both during the day and at night.

            Stage 2 – Runway use with southeast wind

If – due to wind conditions – runway 25R cannot be used, runway 07L will be used for take-off and landing.


Stage 2 – Runway use with northeast wind



Stage 3: works on the intersection carried out only at night from 15 August to 7 September


In the third stage, work on the intersection of runways 25L/07R and 01/19 continues. The asphalting work will be finished and the lighting will be replaced. At this stage of the renovation, the nature of the works allows for them to be carried out exclusively between 10 pm and 6 am. As a result, the runway is made available again at 6 am.

During this stage, all runways thus remain available between 6 am and 10 pm. The preferential runway system in force will apply.

            Stage 3 – From 56 am to 10 pm: preferential runway system


Between 10 pm and 6 am, work on the intersection of runways 25L/07R and 01/19 will continue. Consequently, these two runways will not be available and runway 25R will be used for all take-offs and landings. In the event that runway 25R cannot be used due to wind conditions, runway 07L will be used for both take-off and landing.


Stage 3 – From 10 pm to 6 am: runway use with western wind



Information 24/7 available for neighbouring residents, the general public and the passengers

During the different stages of the works, real-time runway use information is available on It is also possible to go back up to seven days. The website also provides a forecast of the runway use for the next few hours. will provide all information on the progress of the works. Permanent updates will be available on Brussels Airport’s social media accounts. Moreover, the airport magazine “connect” will devote an in-depth article to the runways works. This magazine is published at 600,000 copies and is distributed in Brussels and Flanders. Brussels Airport Company wishes to inform as many people as possible through its various communication channels.

Key figures

  • Runway 25L/07R is 3,211 m long and 45 m wide
  • Removal and replacement of 200,000 m² of asphalt, 12-cm thick layers
  • 60,000 m² of runway shoulders demolished and replaced
  • 218 kilometres of cable renewed
  • 7 kilometres of groundwater and rainwater drains demolished and rebuilt
  • 9 kilometres of sewerage renovated
  • Waterproof tunnel lining replaced
  • 1,300 lamps replaced by LED lamps

March 4, 2015


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