Regional and national strikes in December: impact on Brussels Airport


Brussels Airport expects severe disruption due to strikes on 8 and 15 December

Brussels Airport wishes to attract passengers’ attention to the severe impact the strikes announced for 8 and 15 December in Belgium may have on them. It is not possible at the moment to assess the exact impact of the strikes. Passengers are invited to contact their airline or their travel agent.

8 and 15 December, regional and national industrial actions
With Brussels Airport located in Flemish Brabant, the regional strikes planned on 8 December in that province and in the neighbouring Brussels Capital Region and province of Walloon Brabant may impact airport operations and therefore the passengers.
On 15 December a general 24-hour national strike is announced.
Both strikes are expected to have a severe impact both on public and private transport as well as on the airport operations. This may lead to delays and cancellations. The airport operator urges passengers to avoid taking a plane on either of these dates. Passengers who are scheduled to fly on 8 or 15 December are requested to contact their airline or travel agent for more details on the status of their flight and for advice on how best to proceed.

Other industrial actions
Other industrial actions may also have an impact on Brussels Airport and its passengers. The strike announced by a train drivers’ union on 11 December may impact rail transport to the airport and the work-to-rule actions by the Federal Police on 12 December may cause delays at border control for non-Schengen passengers.

Permanent information
Brussels Airport is closely monitoring the situation and will keep its passengers informed through its communication channels of any developments.

Updated December 4, 2014


  1. André Orban posted this in the forums, very interesting to read and to know in case of an airport strike:

  2. Learning from the experience of previous weeks at CRL and LGG, I think that

    1) the airport will remain open and most flights will be operated (although SN already cancelled some flights preventively)
    2) public transport to the airport will not operate at all
    3) the unions might block the access roads to the airport

    Therefore I’d suggest that you don’t take your own car to the airport, but have someone drive you there (he can always drop you at a blockade 1 or 2 km from the airport).

    I’d also suggest you travel light: baggage handlers might be on strike as well…


  4. So far 40 flights (= approx 3000 passengers) have been cancelled due to the planned industrial actions on 8 December.

  5. Updated on 7/12 at 22h52

    So far, 41% or 252 flights have been cancelled at Brussels Airport due to the planned strike this Monday 8 December.

    United (3 flights), Delta, US Airways, Jet Airways (8 flights), Alitalia, easyJet (15 flights), Lufthansa (14 flights), Austrian, British Airways, Swiss, Finnair, KLM, Aer Lingus, CSA Czech Airlines, Air Serbia, Aegean Airlines, Turkish Airlines, El Al, Air Arabia, Etihad, Emirates, MEA, Tunisair, Aeroflot, among others, cancelled all their flights.

    Iberia, TAP Air Portugal have cancelled some flights, but not all of them.

    The Jetairfly flights are diverted to Liège, Charleroi and Ostend (medium-haul) and Amsterdam (long-haul). Two Thomas Cook flights are diverted to Lille.

    LOT, Ryanair, SAS, Vueling (among others) have maintained all their flights.

    Brussels Airlines has preventively cancelled only 16 flights out of more than 100:
    Overview cancelled flights 08/12
    SN 2038 Birmingham – Brussels
    SN 2045 Brussels – Birmingham
    SN 2057 Brussels – Bristol
    SN 2058 Bristol – Brussels
    SN 2063 Brussels – Edinburgh
    SN 2064 Edinburgh – Brussels
    SN 2307 Brussels – Stockholm
    SN 2308 Stockholm – Brussels
    SN 2317 Brussels – Gothenburg
    SN 2318 Gothenburg – Brussels
    SN 2367 Brussels – Riga
    SN 2368 Riga – Brussels
    SN 2587 Brussels – Berlin Tegel
    SN 2588 Berlin Tegel – Brussels
    SN 2625 Brussels – Hamburg
    SN 2626 Hamburg – Brussels
    SN 2637 Brussels – Hannover
    SN 2638 Hannover – Brussels
    SN 2705 Brussels – Basel
    SN 2706 Basel – Brussels
    SN 2719 Brussels – Geneva
    SN 2720 Geneva – Brussels
    SN 2901 Brussels – Vienna
    SN 2902 Vienna – Brussels
    SN 3291 Brussels – Tel Aviv
    SN 3292 Tel Aviv – Brussels
    SN 3591 Brussels – Lyon
    SN 3592 Lyon – Brussels
    SN 3661 Brussels – Strasbourg
    SN 3662 Strasbourg – Brussels
    SN 3669 Brussels – Toulouse
    SN 3670 Toulouse – Brussels


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