Brussels Airport prepares for the busiest day of the year: 96,000 passengers expected today


Brussels Airport expects that around 96,000 passengers will travel through the airport this Friday, becoming the busiest day of the year at the airport. Belgium’s biggest airport will also get very crowded this weekend: on Saturday, 83,000 passengers are expected and 89,000 passengers on Sunday.

The airport has taken exceptional measures to ensure that everything is running smoothly, by calling up additional staff. Nevertheless, the airport recommends that you come to the airport well prepared. Travellers are asked to come to the airport well ahead and to reserve a parking spot in advance. Additionally, it is also recommended to check whether the hand luggage complies with the rules, in order to limit queues at the security checkpoints. Final advice from the airport is to check the expiration date of the identity documents.

Not everything is running as expected: a few passengers rushed to social media to complain about the long waiting times at immigration.


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