‘Passport’, a new building for KPMG at Brussels Airport


Brussels Airport and Codic have signed an agreement to develop ‘Passport’, a new office complex by the airport tarmac, set to be occupied by KPMG. This second office project is a major forward step in the real property development of Brussels Airport.

“Brussels Airport is an attractive location for modern and dynamic businesses such as KPMG, courtesy of its intermodality, accessibility and all the benefits associated with the services offered by an airport. The airport provides a unique intermodal platform in Belgium that acts as an interconnecting hub between aviation, rail and road traffic, delivering a perfect response to the rising mobility needs of businesses and their employees. This enables us to stand proud as a business location in a highly competitive environment”, explains Brussels Airport Company CEO Arnaud Feist.

Patrick Simons, Senior Partner at KPMG in Belgium, goes on to add: “As an innovative service provider, KPMG is fully committed to creating a stimulating and inspiring working environment.  The unique accessibility for our staff and clients, connections with literally the rest of the world, the modern concept and the minimal environmental impact of ‘Passport’ will help us to achieve this. The issues facing clients today in a fast-changing world call for duly considered and innovative solutions. The way in which the building is designed and fitted out will enable our people to work even more closely – in a very organic manner -, which will only benefit our clients. The new office is set to epitomise our passion for serving our clients and the innovative services we offer. Finally, I am confident that now is the perfect time to launch this great project at the Brussels Airport site, which is certain to attract other inspiring businesses in the future.”

Codic Belgium General Manager Christophe Jacobs observes: “In 2010, we started analysing existing office premises and their locations in particular. Further to an in-depth comparison of the office markets at the airports of Schiphol, Frankfurt and Munich, we needed to further convincing of the leading qualities of this unique European location, situated at the heart of a hub catering for all fast modes of transport. In time-honoured tradition, we devised high-quality office concepts in observance of in-house CODIC benchmarks, in collaboration with Jaspers & Eyers architectural engineering agency.”

The emphasis in the real property development op Brussels Airport rests squarely with the quality of the infrastructure and the optimisation of the existing space close to the terminal.

In addition, businesses deciding to set up shop at Brussels Airport are making a forward-looking strategic choice: Brussels Airport is attracting companies courtesy of its optimised offering of a professional and adapted infrastructure of hotels, conference rooms, restaurants, car parks, bus lines, taxis, etc. which sees the airport acting in perfect keeping with the needs and requirements held out by the business community.

The foundation stone of the building is being laid in September 2015, with final handover to the lessees scheduled for December 2017. Next, KPMG will get the fitting our of the offices under way. The project represents an 80 million euro investment. The architectural design involves 2 L-shaped buildings linked by a prestigious atrium. The whole project covers ca. 28,000m² in office space and annexes (restaurant & gym), as well as 361 private parking spaces, of which KPMG has reserved 13,000 m2 for itself.

July 14, 2015



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