Partnership between Brussels Airport and Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management


Brussels Airport Company and Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management have entered into a partnership with a view to fostering exchanges between them. The aim: to give future managers first-hand experience of the world of business and immerse them in a very complex environment. This partnership also underlines the importance and attractiveness of Brussels Airport as an employer of diverse talents, particularly in the Brussels Region.

This partnership will offer Solvay the possibility of setting up its students with six-month internships. For Brussels Airport Company, it’s a question of giving talented students a chance by offering them rewarding work experience within an environment as complex and interesting as an airport. Solvay Brussels School will provide its students with prior training focusing on practical cases connected with Brussels Airport.

With hundreds of different professions, hundreds of jobs available and above all an exclusive working environment, the airport attracts many applicants. This partnership with one of the most prestigious schools in Belgium will allow us to meet the new generation of entrepreneurs and exchange ideas on many projects within our business that set the foundations for the future of our constantly-evolving sector”, says Arnaud Feist, CEO of Brussels Airport Company.

Moreover, it will also be an opportunity for Brussels Airport Company to contribute, thanks to an association between its employees and the teachers at Solvay Brussels School, to research work and studies of real-life cases. The airport and its specific topics will form an integral part of the course programme of the Solvay Brussels School and this cooperation will give Brussels Airport access to the reports and analysis tools designed by the teachers and students.

Brussels Airport Company staff will also be invited to participate as experts in the courses, seminars and conferences organised by the university, while the students will be invited to present the cases that they will have studied within the business and to share their experiences of working at Brussels Airport Company.

With almost 150 long-term trainees in our masters programme (the Credited Internship Programme (CIP)) and long-standing experience in applied research (knowledge alliances), Solvay Brussels School (ULB) enjoys close collaboration with businesses and public institutions. This partnership with Brussels Airport Company is important for the School, because the airport plays a fundamental role in the Belgian and European economy. This is a unique opportunity for our students to discover the European air transport sector”, stressed Bruno van Pottelsberghe, Dean of Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management.

Brussels Airport, 1st July 2016