No solution for the Brussels Airport noise issues before 2019


At the start of 2017 Minister of Mobility François Bellot (MR) wanted to force a breakthrough in the discussion on aircraft noise over the Brussels Region. But that consultation ended without any progress: no compromise solution was put on the table. This weekend the minister has given some additional information in an interview with newspaper L’Echo.

There will be no structural solution for the noise pollution at Brussels Airport in 2019“, the minister explained to the financial newspaper. “An international agency for research has to deal with the issue in order to guarantee ‘total independence’.”

Bellot refers in the interview to the Netherlands, where “it took two years and a half to solve the problems at Schiphol Amsterdam“. An international “independent” study must “objectively” look at the sitation. The minister considers the same time frame as is feasible in the Netherlands.

Source L’Echo:

Source Het Laatste Nieuws:

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  1. It is clear that a solution must be proposed by independent experts and that all politicians should abide by this solution. That’s impossible before elections: politicians would lose face! But after the elections a solution could be implemented.


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