New heating installation at Brussels Airport will reduce carbon emissions by 70%


Brussels Airport Company has announced plans to replace its current gas-fired central heating installation with a Net Zero Carbon installation by early 2027. The new heating system will heat the airport terminal buildings without emitting carbon dioxide and is expected to reduce the company’s total carbon emissions by approximately 70% based on 2021 figures.

Brussels Airport Company has already achieved carbon neutrality for its own emissions as an airport operator since 2018 by utilising green energy and offsetting remaining emissions. The company aims to achieve net zero carbon emissions for its activities by 2050 or sooner.

The existing gas-fired boiler plant has undergone multiple upgrades to improve its environmental performance, including the installation of cogeneration systems. However, it still emits carbon dioxide, prompting the decision to opt for a completely gas-free heating installation. The CEO of Brussels Airport Company, Arnaud Feist, emphasised that this new heating installation is a significant step towards their ambition of achieving net zero carbon emissions and is the largest of its kind in Belgium, with a total power of 21 megawatts.

The project is currently in the tendering process, and construction is expected to begin in 2025, with the aim of making the new heating installation operational by early 2027.

The airport is also exploring other initiatives to further reduce the remaining 30% of its carbon emissions.


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