New ground handling licences at Brussels Airport granted to Aviapartner, Swissport, dnata, LSG Skychefs and Newrest Servair



Brussels Airport Company has granted the licences for 5 restricted categories of ground handling services at the airport, i.e. the handling of passenger and cargo aircraft, baggage handling, cargo and mail transport, and the catering transport. The licences were granted to Aviapartner Belgium, Aviapartner Cargo, Swissport Belgium, Swissport Cargo Services Belgium, dnata, LSG Skychefs and Newrest Servair.

In 2017, Brussels Airport Company launched a selection procedure to grant licences to ground handlers pursuant to the Royal Decree of 6 November 2010 on access to the ground handling market at Brussels Airport.

These are licences for the following restricted ground handling categories:

– Baggage handling (2 licences)
– Ramp handling for passenger aircraft (2 licences)
– Ramp handling for full cargo aircraft (3 licences)
– Cargo and mail handling (3 licences)
– Catering transport (2 licences)

In the first phase, the selection was based on various financial requirements, and in the second phase on qualitative requirements defined in the selection procedure. On the basis of various elements regarding operational organisation, safety, quality, staffing and respect for the environment, Brussels Airport Company today granted the different licences.

The licences for baggage handling and ramp handling for passenger aircraft were awarded to Aviapartner Belgium and Swissport Belgium. The licences for ramp handling for full cargo aircraft and cargo and mail handling were awarded to Aviapartner Cargo, dnata and Swissport Cargo Services Belgium. dnata is new at the airport. For catering transport, Brussels Airport Company awarded a licence to LSG Skychefs and Newrest Servair.

The new licences are for a term of 7 years as of 28 October 2018. All companies that took part in the selection procedure were individually informed. After receipt of the decision, a 15-day standstill period for appeal procedures commences, after which the contracts can be signed.

Brussels Airport, 08 February 2018


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