New filling stations at Brussels Airport to offer alternative energy sources


Brussels Airport Company has issued a tender for two publicly accessible filling stations on the airport site. The airport operator wishes to extend the current range of classic fuels in the filling stations to include newer energy sources for cars such as electricity, CNG (compressed natural gas) and LNG (liquefied natural gas). For this, new filling stations will have to be built.

Brussels Airport has two publicly accessible filling stations on its grounds, one near the exit of the airport site and one at Brucargo. The contract for operating these two stations expires in a year. Brussels Airport Company is therefore issuing a new tender.

Brussels Airport Company wishes the future operator of the filling stations to take into account new, more environmentally friendly energy sources for vehicles, including electricity and CNG for cars and vans and LNG for trucks, in order to stimulate their use in and around the airport. The lack of a filling station providing these fuels in the vicinity prevents companies and private persons from choosing them. Brussels Airport would like to remedy this. Brussels Airport Company itself has already invested in the purchase of service vehicles on CNG and there is a current tender for electric buses for transporting passengers on the tarmac.

The airport operator wants the new filling stations to provide the current range of fuels and energy sources for vehicles, but with sufficient flexibility built in to expand the offer with other sources of energy, such as hydrogen. Brussels Airport Company wants filling stations with a contemporary design, which are to provide additional services including a shop and a sandwich bar.

The current two filling stations have no possibility of expanding on their existing locations, so new locations will have to be found to enable this expansion. No new location has yet been decided for the filling station at the exit of the airport site. For the filling station at Brucargo, the decision has been made to locate the new filling station opposite the current one. The work for this station should begin in 2018.


September 30, 2016


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