New: all air traffic movements at Brussels Airport trackable online


Brussels Airport Company and Belgocontrol launch, a website on which everyone can consult information about air traffic. The website was presented this afternoon in the presence of our Minister of Transport, Jacqueline Galant.

The website provides information on air traffic from and to Brussels Airport. It not only provides information on the runways in use at that particular moment, but also on the flight paths and noise measurements at and around the airport.

Through this new website we can now offer this information through an extra channel, making it readily available to everyone. That is why we have worked together with Belgocontrol and other partners involved and developed a simple tool that is immediately accessible on pc, tablet and smartphone”, says Arnaud Feist, CEO of Brussels Airport Company.

Minister of Transport Jacqueline Galant supports the project. “All information on the website is scientifically based and comes from several sources that already were available to the general public. However, the current website now joins all these sources and puts the information readily available to everyone”, according to Minister Galant.

Follow flights in real time

Brussels Airport Company, Belgocontrol and the airport mediation service often receive questions from local residents about the runways and flight paths used. The Belgocontrol air traffic controllers take various criteria into consideration to decide to use particular runways at particular points in time so that aircraft can land safely. Thanks to the new website everyone can follow that process now.

On the website you can see at which runway aircraft land or take off, in real time and for the coming hours, but also up to 7 days back in time. Has a runway other than the forecasted runway been used, the reason behind that decision is stated as well, for instance because of the weather conditions at the airport”, Johan Decuyper, Belgocontrol CEO states.

Noise impact mapped out

The mission of Brussels Airport Company is to have the activities’ noise impact objectively measured. The airport has 21 measuring stations at its disposal at and around the airport that constantly measure the noise levels, mapping the noise impact of the aircraft. Those data were already available in the consultation commission, the environmental report and on the Brussels Airport website.

Which other information can I consult at

  1. Runway use: criteria for the use of the three runways; the reasons for a certain use; future, current and past runway use
  2. Flight paths
  3. Webtrak: an application to follow an aircraft’s flight almost in real time and to know the distance between the local resident’s own home and an aircraft
  4. Noise measurements: map with 21 measuring stations and related information
  5. FAQs on runway use and flight paths
  6. Partners involved: Belgocontrol and Brussels Airport Company

Belgocontrol 11 February 2015



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