Maintenance works on Brussels Airport runway 07L/25R spread over 8 consecutive weekends


Brussels Airport is beginning maintenance work on runway 07L/25R this weekend. Work will last 8 weeks and take place exclusively during the weekend. The runway is undergoing maintenance to make sure all flight movements can continue safely and efficiently and prolong the runway’s lifespan.

The work will concentrate on the complete replacement of 100 km of runway lighting cables in addition to selected taxiway lights around the runway. The opportunity will also be taken to conduct local repairs on a number of drainpipes and joint fillings, and to overhaul 3 taxiways.

Work will run from the weekend of 20-21st October until the weekend of 8-9th December 2018, and invariably from 6 am on Saturday to 7 pm on Sunday.

The maintenance works will have no impact on passenger or cargo flights. Since runway 07L/25R cannot always be used during the works, preferential runway usage cannot always be adhered to during the weekend.

The works may be stopped in exceptional weather conditions, enabling runway 07L/25R to be reinstated (e.g. in low visibility, snow etc.).

Below you will find more information about runway usage during the works.

CURRENT SITUATION – Preferential runway usage during the weekend

  • Saturday from 6 am to 4 pm and Sunday from 4 pm to 11 pm



  • Saturday from 4 pm to 11 pm and Sunday from 6 am to 4 pm



DURING THE WORKS – Runway 07L/25R closed

  • Normal runway usage: runway 19 will be used for landings and take-offs.



  • Alternative runway usage 1: in the event that normal runway usage is not possible during the works, landings will be switched to runway 01 and take-offs to 07R.



  • Alternative runway usage 2: in the event that normal runway usage is not possible during the works and if there is an extremely low volume of arriving or departing aircraft, and wind permits, then a second alternative can also be selected.



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