Magical Christmas atmosphere at Brussels Airport for thousands of holiday travellers


The start of the Christmas holidays promises to be extremely busy. On Friday 19 December no less than 36,000 passengers will depart from Brussels Airport. Including the arriving passengers about 64,000 passengers will pass through the airport that day.  The whole week will be busy with 29,000 to 32,000 departing passengers per day.

The Christmas decorations in the terminal make for pleasant atmosphere. Moreover, every Friday in December a quintet will boost the Christmas mood by playing live music in the departures hall. The Christmas holidays are one of the most popular periods for travel, both to sun and snow destinations. Which is why Brussels Airport has listed a few tips for a carefree start of the holidays.

An overview of the number of passengers departing from Brussels Airport in the Christmas period:

  • Wednesday 17 December: 31,000
  • Thursday 18 December: 32,000
  • Friday 19 December: 36,000
  • Saturday 20 December: 29,000
  • Sunday 21 December: 32,000
  • Monday 22 December: 30,000

5 tips for a carefree start of your holiday

  1. To the airport
    On busy departure days, traffic on the access roads to the airport may be very dense. Leave for the airport well ahead of your departure time and consider taking public transport.
  2. Dropping off passengers
    The “Kiss & Fly” passenger drop-off area in front of the departures hall is likely to be very busy. We remind you that parking is strictly forbidden in this area.
  3. Parking
    Are you driving to the airport yourself? Book your parking space in advance.
  4. Check-in
    Gain time by checking in online. You can generally do so as of 24 hours prior to your scheduled departure time. Did you check in online? Leave your baggage at your airline’s baggage drop-off desk. Do not forget to take your passport or identity card. Children under the age of 12 need to be in possession of a kids-ID or passport to be allowed to travel by plane.
  5. Smoothly through security
    Do not carry any items in your hand baggage that can be used as a weapon such as knives or scissors. These are prohibited from the aircraft cabin and will be confiscated.
    Put any liquids, creams and gels in your check-in baggage. If you do carry liquids or gels in your hand baggage, please remember that they should be held in containers with a capacity of maximum 100 ml and that they have to be presented for screening in a re-sealable, transparent plastic bag. The total quantity of liquids may not exceed 1 litre.  Exception: liquid medicines (with a doctor’s certificate) and baby food.Remove your laptop or tablet from its travel case for separate screening. Place your loose coins, keys, mobile phone, watch and belt in a tray.

    Take as little hand baggage as possible, this will considerably speed up your passage through security.

December 16, 2014


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