Jubilee edition of the Brussels Airport Aviation Awards

This year, Brussels Airport is celebrating the tenth anniversary of the Brussels Airport Aviation Awards.

Once again, 10 airlines and partners received a special award during a sparkling evening event attended by 200 guests. The Brussels Airport Aviation Awards are presented in various categories to the airlines and partners that have distinguished themselves in the past year in network development and new routes, environment and safety, performance and punctuality.

 Network Development Awards

The Network Development Awards are presented to airlines who have developed new routes or have achieved a remarkable growth in passengers or cargo.

  • Network Development Award Short Haul Airline
    Ryanair. Thanks to five new routes and a 33% growth in passengers, the airline has become the 2nd largest airline at Brussels Airport.
  • Network Development Award Long Haul Airline
    Brussels Airlines. In April 2016, despite the difficult conditions, a new intercontinental route was opened to Toronto, with five weekly flights.
  • Network Development Award Cargo Airline
    Ethiopian Airlines Cargo. The hub at Brucargo has been expanded with more flights and destinations and Ethiopian has become the largest cargo airline at Brussels Airport in just 6 months.
  • Brucargo Award
    Air Cargo Belgium. This new initiative brings together, for the first time in the history of the airport, all stakeholders of Brucargo under one organisation.
Environment and Safety Awards

The Environment and Safety Awards are presented to airlines or partners that have made a particular contribution to the environment and to the on-going improvement of safety standards and awareness.

  • Environment Award
    Qatar Airways. The airline is the most environment-friendly airline at Brussels Airport in terms of noise thanks to their passenger flights with Boeing 787 and cargo flights with Airbus A330.
  • Safety Award
    LSG Skychefs. The award was presented for the second time to LSG Skychefs for the innovative steps in the internal organisation with clear responsibilities on the apron. LSG Skychefs works closely with Brussels Airport Safety in many areas. LSG Skychefs previously won the award in 2007.
Performance and Punctuality Awards

The Performance and Punctuality Awards reward passenger and cargo airlines that are punctual and perform well. Punctuality is the best on-time performance, that is with an arrival or departure within 15 minutes of the scheduled time.

The performance for cargo is calculated using the number of weekly flights, number of destinations, total quantity of cargo flown, cargo per flight and the growth in cargo tonnage.

  • Performance Award Cargo Airlines
    Singapore Airlines. The cargo airline grew strongly in 2016 at Brussels Airport, both in the number of weekly flights and destinations and in the amount of cargo flown and cargo per flight.
  • Punctuality Award Short Haul Airline
    Air Malta. The award was won for the second time in succession by Air Malta, with a punctuality of 88% for its eleven weekly flights.
  • Punctuality Award Long Haul Airline
    Qatar Airways. The airline achieved a punctuality of 91% for the eight weekly passenger flights to Doha.
Diamond Award

This is only the 4th time in the past 10 years that the Diamond Award has been presented. It honours persons who have consistently contributed to the successful development of Brussels Airport. This year, the CEO of Brussels Airport Company, Arnaud Feist, had the pleasure of presenting the Diamond Award to Koen Gouweloose, Managing Director Hubs & Gateways Benelux & France with DHL.

“Koen Gouweloose is presented with the Diamond Award for his contribution to the development of Brussels Airport. Under his leadership DHL, together with us and other partners, invested 150 million euros in high tech storage and sorting infrastructure, with cargo being transported with a modern fleet. In doing so, DHL plays a key role in strengthening the important position of Brussels Airport as a European hub for flown and trucked cargo as well as in expanding the Belgian trade connections with the rest of the world”, said CEO Arnaud Feist of Brussels Airport Company.

9 March 2017


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