Increased passenger checks carried out by the Federal Police at Brussels Airport


The Halle-Vilvoorde public prosecutor’s office announced yesterday that increased passenger checks and targeted actions will be organised at Brussels Airport by the Federal Police. The airport, for which the health of travellers is the main priority, supports this decision, which is necessary for public health.

These checks will, among other things, be carried out on a sample of passengers for all flights arriving in Brussels and will be coordinated and carried out by the Federal Police. Any passenger runs the risk of being subjected to a police check. Brussels Airport supports the Federal Police so that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

During peak hours, these checks can create queues for passengers. The airport, therefore, asks passengers to prepare for these checks and to have their necessary documents and PLF handy. Brussels Airport also asks airlines to carry out the necessary checks on their passengers before boarding the plane at the airport of departure.

From tomorrow, Friday 16 July, more passengers are again expected at Brussels Airport. Indeed, the airport is traditionally busier on Fridays and weekends. It expects 40,000 passengers per day on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Brussels Airport, therefore, asks for understanding regarding the waiting times and queues that these additional checks could cause for passengers arriving in Belgium.


  1. I really hope that the police will not create dangerous situations at the airport again like they did at Christmas/New Year, where people had to queue for a long time with no possibility for social distancing. This was far more dangerous for passengers in terms of infection risk than most journeys had been until that point. Otherwise it will do more damage than good, which surely can’t be the intention.


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