Galactic atmosphere at Brussels Airport, R2-D2 ANA jet is coming to Europe


Strange creatures are hovering around Brussels Airport terminal today. Marching Stormtroopers, life-size R2D2s and other famous characters straight out of one of the episodes of the legendary Star Wars saga. Even the real Rey’s Speeder Bike is parked for a few hours in the terminal to the delight of passengers. For the first time in its history, the famous R2D2™ ANA Jet has touched down on European soil. It has chosen the tarmac of Brussels Airport as first stop-off point in Europe during its trip around our planet.

To celebrate the arrival of the highly anticipated “Star Wars” Dreamliner from All Nippon Airways on Belgian soil, Disney, ANA and Brussels Airport have put on a stellar show. 200 fans have been invited to attend the landing and the baptism by the airport firefighters of this out-of-this-world aircraft flown in by the Japanese airline, which, for today, the 4th of November, replaces the daily ANA flight that has been linking Brussels and Tokyo since 25 October.

I am so excited to join in with everyone’s enthusiasm today for the arrival of ANA’s Star Wars R2D2 jet at Brussels Airport.  ANA started its collaboration with Star Wars in April 2015 and our partnership will continue for the next five years. On board our flight, customers are able to enjoy all of the first six Star Wars episodes, and in the case of the R2D2 jet, there are all the little touches we’ve added just for Star Wars fans, like the R2D2 seats and cups, and our lightsaber-inspired cabin lighting. I hope this fantastic collaboration will help make ANA a familiar face among the people of Belgium”, Mr Moriyuki Tanemura, Country Manager ANA Belgium – France.

Over and beyond the extraordinary buzz created by the presence of this aircraft at Brussels Airport, we are very honoured to host the new Dreamliner 787-900, the largest Boeing 787 and the flagship of the All Nippon Airways fleet. It also bears witness to the confidence that the airline has put in us and is a fantastic way of promoting the Brussels-Tokyo route that is essential for our country, not only for the economy but also for tourism,” adds Arnaud Feist, CEO of Brussels Airport Company.

We are delighted to be part of this special day and to celebrate this significant occasion with Brussels Airport and ANA. Along with all the Belgian Star Wars fans we are thrilled for Star Wars: The Force Awakens to release in Belgium on December 16th. The Force is still strong”, says Peter Fitton, Country Manager Disney Benelux.

Some of the airport’s employees and several passengers present at Brussels Airport have not hesitated to dress up in the costumes of their favourite characters and try out the Rey’s Speeder Bike, the vehicle that will play a starring role in the next episode of the series.

November 5, 2015


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