First stage of the renovation works on Brussels Airport runway 25L/07R finished on schedule


The renovation of runway 25L/07R is progressing to plan. The first stage of the works was finished on schedule and the activities on this runway have already been partly restarted.

Yesterday 2 August at 22 hours the second, more intensive stage of the renovation work started. This stage will deal with the crossing of runway 25L/07R with runway 01/19 and will last until 15 August. During this period, runways 01/19 and 25L/07R will be available in shortened version.

In the last stage, between 15 August and 7 September, runways 01/19 and 25L/07R will be closed at night between 22.00 and 6.00 hours. All the takeoff and landing runways will be available in the daytime during this period.

The overnight work will end on 7 September at 5.00 hours. At that time, all the runways will be fully operational again and unrestrictedly open to air traffic.

Daily updates on the runway use are provided on (a joint initiative by Brussels Airport and Belgocontrol).

August 3, 2015


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