First analysis of damage in terminal Brussels Airport

A team of engineers, technicians and independent external experts have carried out a first analysis of the damage caused by the explosions at Brussels Airport on 22 March 2016 after detectives released the terminal yesterday afternoon when they had concluded their investigations. This first, provisional analysis shows that both main building and the Connector building where hand luggage and passengers are checked, are stable. Brussels Airport will now investigate the possibilities to install temporary check-in desks.

The first, provisional investigation into the Brussels Airport’s terminal did not indicate any stability issues related to the terminal building. The adjacent Connector building is also intact and the locations where hand luggage is checked and customs’ checks are carried out, can also be used.

Brussels Airport will now look at its options to install temporary check-in desks. The ideal location still needs to be identified and its practical organisation needs to be studied in collaboration with airlines and luggage handlers.

March 26, 2016