Fairy-tale goodbye to Tomorrowland at Brussels Airport


On Monday 25 July and Tuesday 26 July, Brussels Airport is rolling out the purple carpet for the 10,000 visitors to the Tomorrowland festival who, after three days of partying, will leave for home from the airport. At the plaza at Pier A, a live DJ will receive all Tomorrowlanders and other passengers for a lounge after-party in the characteristic fairy-tale setting of the world-famous festival.

The festival visitors, more than 10,000 in number who be returning home via the airport, can write the final chapter of their Tomorrowland story at Brussels Airport. On Monday and Tuesday, the airport is the backdrop for the Tomorrowland after-party, something which plays on all the senses and prolongs the magic of the festival for one more day.

Passengers who were not able to visit the much-praised festival will get a unique opportunity to experience the festival’s mystical atmosphere at Brussels Airport.

A purple carpet at the airport and Tomorrowland hostesses will take passengers from Connector to the plaza for Pier A, where a live DJ will entertain them in a magical garden with a large butterfly tree. Passengers will also be able to order a Tomorrowland menu in several restaurants.

July 24, 2016