Brussels Airport expands passenger drop-off area

Brussels Airport old drop-off area – copyright Edwin Vanoverschelde

Brussels Airport has commenced the redesign of their entire drop-off area to enhance passenger comfort and improve traffic flows in the zone. In addition to the free drop-off area for departing passengers, this zone also accommodates the bus station, a taxi drop-off area and the coach park. Traffic will be rerouted on several occasions throughout the works, which will last until the end of May.

Brussels Airport commences work on creating more space in the passenger drop-off area. This area, located within walking distance of the terminal, is being further extended towards the terminal in order to improve passenger comfort and accommodate the increasing success of the drop-off area since it opened in December 2016. “Drop-off” signs at the airport will guide drivers to this area.

Current situation © Edwin Vanoverschelde

To ensure a smooth traffic flow, the upgraded passenger drop-off area will in time be equipped with access barriers. The drop-off area is exclusively intended to quickly drop off passengers. Vehicles are not allowed to stay there for longer than 10 minutes; neither are drivers allowed to leave their vehicles unattended. Those wishing to accompany passengers to the departure hall or pick up passengers, can make use of car parks P1, P2 and P3. Brussels Airport Pcard+ holders benefit from half an hour of free parking in one of these car parks. Parking costs €2 per half hour without this card.

In conjunction with the expansion of the drop-off area, the roads around this area will be redesigned. As a result, through traffic will be largely separated from passengers driving to the drop-off area, providing a smoother and safer traffic flow.

The adjacent zones will also be completely redesigned. The bus station will be modernised and the coach park moved to another nearby location amongst other things. Moreover, the zone in which taxis currently drop off passengers will eventually be merged with the passenger drop-off area.


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