Discover Brussels Airport from the inside during the Aviation Day (22 April)!


On Saturday 22 April, Brussels Airport will be opening its doors throughout the day during the aviation day of the Flemish government, Luchtvaartdag. Young and old can enjoy an exclusive tour along places on the airport site you would never see as passenger or visitor. In addition, visitors can discover unique activities undertaken by the airport, such as winter operations or a simulator drive across the tarmac, in a central hub at the DHL building, Families, groups or individuals who want to visit the airport must register in advance. Several thousand people have already done just that!

Brussels Airport, that handles 21.8 million passengers and 495,000 tons of cargo per year, is one of the busiest airports in Europe. Quite a few people are very interested in so much activity and in what takes place behind the scenes at the airport. That is why the airport is pleased to participate in Luchtvaartdag, a day in which young and old can enjoy various activities specially designed for them.

Anybody who has wanted to discover the airport area can follow an exclusive tour. You will visit places never seen by passengers or visitors, and perhaps you will pass places or companies that you never knew existed…

In addition to taking the tours, visitors can also stroll around the central hub where various airport companies or partners let you get a taste of aviation. You can, for example, get to know a C130, both outside and in, watch a demonstration by the winter operations team that keeps the runways free of snow and ice, see the fire fighters at work, follow the way cargo aircraft are loaded and unloaded, enter a simulator and drive around the tarmac and so on.

Brussels Airport Company has a stand where you can learn, in an interactive and personal way, everything there is to know about the Strategic Vision 2040, employment at the airport, how the airport manages and improves the surroundings and the environment, what cargo activities take place and how they operate and which destinations you can reach from Brussels Airport.

If you would like to come and see what happens at Brussels Airport, you should act soon. Various tours by bus are already fully booked and registration in advance is mandatory.


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