Car park at Brussels Airport almost full, the airport suggests alternative transport (train/bus/drop-off)


This morning Brussels Airport tweeted that the car park at Brussels Airport is almost full, if you would like to come to the airport today they suggest to use alternative transport like bus, train or somebody dropping you off if you don’t have a pre-booked parking space.

Member RoMax explains in our forum why the car park is so busy during this time of the year:

The busiest periods for the front parkings are usually not the main holiday periods, but those periods where it is a combination of a lot of local business traffic and higher yield leisure people that travel outside the main season and short trip leisure traffic, so that’s why BAC/Interparking usually has the biggest problems in May/June and September. Actual holiday traffic is more often using the cheaper parking lots a bit further away, either at the airport (such as BRUcargo) or outside the airport. The holiday period is also when troubles arise for the drop off, as a much bigger portion of that traffic is dropped off (family/friends/relatives or dedicated airport transport companies and even taxi) rather than driving themselves.

Forum discussion:


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